Hotfix 0.11.2 Patch Notes (May 18, 2023)

These are the patch notes for the War Robots: Frontiers build available from May 18, 2023.


  • Fixed ‘Item Received’ window displaying incorrectly when receiving the Pioneer Pack Pilot from the website Inventory.
  • Fixed Orbital Strike, Rainfall, and Deadlight abilities not activating in certain areas on the Crash Site map.
  • Fixed Transfusion ability instantly refilling maximum ammo for any weapon.
  • Fixed Pilot models not rotating in the ‘Offers’ window.
  • Fixed the Scaling Sniper skill for Pilots continuing to accumulate a damage boost even after an armor segment was destroyed.
  • Fixed explosion VFX not displaying when hitting destructible objects with Sticky Gun.
  • Adjusted Pilot bio window size.
  • Updated localisation.
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