Pilots Update (0.11.2) Patch Notes (May 11, 2023)

These are the patch notes for the War Robots: Frontiers build available following a period of maintenance on May 11, 2023. Update your game to the latest version and start playing in Early Access!


  • Added four new Pilots. The Pilot system has been fully reworked to include skill trees and progression:
    • Kate "Sparrow" Sinclair: Equipped with skills focused around damage output and survivability in close-range combat.
    • Leonard "Monk" Fitzpatrick: Equipped with skills favoring positional gameplay and long-range weapons.
    • Marcus "Dome" Shedd: Equipped with skills suitable for either close- or mid-range builds.
    • Duncan "Thinkfast" Prasad: Equipped with skills working in synergy with ability modules.

A recolored model of Leonard has been used as a placeholder for both Marcus and Duncan in this update. In future updates, every legendary Pilot will receive a unique model and voice lines.

IMPORTANT: Kate “Sparrow” Sinclair was previously known as Kate “Sparrow” Walker. This is the same Pilot with a new surname. In-game and website texts will be altered to reflect this in the near future.


  • When upgrading Pilots, players can now choose between different skill options at each level to create unique Pilot builds. The skills available depends on a Pilot’s Personality and Specialty, with different Pilots opening up to different playstyles. We invite you to try out the feature and leave your feedback on our official Discord.


  • Battle rewards are now directly linked to the amount of Honor Points you win during the match. For each Honor Point, a player receives 5 Credits and 0.5 XP.
  • Reduced level-up requirements for most levels to 500 XP.
  • Increased the amount of Alloys a player gets from melting down items and purchasing Crates from 20% to 30% of the item crafting cost.
  • Removed placeholder Pilots from level-up rewards. At levels 3 and 30, Pilots were replaced by Credits.
  • Reduced the price of purchasing three items at a time in the Shop from 12,000 to 6,000 Credits.


  • Introduced multiple improvements to the Hangar interface.
  • Added network ping indicators to player nicknames in the combat statistics window (press TAB).
  • Added speed counter and fuel level indicator to the back of Robot models.
  • Changed the orientation of the fuel level indicator in HUD to vertical and added threshold markers for Dash and Jump.
  • Added warning icon in Hangar to mark Robot builds that cannot be deployed in battle.
  • Updated descriptions for the Glacial and Singulators abilities.


  • Improved walking animations on slopes and uneven terrain.


  • Updated sounds when hitting different types of surfaces.
  • Updated sounds on splitting Robot armor (from “yellow” to “red” degree of damage).
  • Updated whiz-by sounds.
  • Updated sounds for Retribution ability on the Ares torso.
  • Updated sounds for partial reload on Halo.
  • Added chassis servomotor sounds.


  • Sticky Gun: Increased maximum range from 450 to 900 meters.
  • Lighter: Increased damage to armor from 195 to 203.
  • Gozer: Reduced reload time from 1.68 to 1.5 seconds, increased damage to armor from 181 to 208, and increased damage to hull from 200 to 230.
  • Ghost Turret: Reduced target detection range.
  • Unchained (Fenrir): Reduced the amount of armor and hull repairs.
  • Singulators (Matriarch): Increased effective range.


  • Fixed the issue preventing the start of matchmaking when any of the squad members leave the squad without pressing “READY”.
  • Fixed Scatter, Halo, and Quantum not being able to fire within an enemy Shield Dome.
  • Fixed upgrade stats displayed in red when upgrading ability modules.
  • Introduced multiple optimisation improvements.
  • Introduced multiple localisation improvements.


  • With the first iteration of the League system, we’re adding the League interface and turning on the accumulation of League Points for all accounts. This is a draft version of the feature and most of its settings may change in future updates based on your feedback. More details about the League system will be announced in the future!
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