The Pilots Update Takes Flight!

Need a wingman? Head straight into the danger zone in the Pilots Update, now live in War Robots: Frontiers! Grab a Pioneer Pack to enter the fray in Early Access on PC via Steam and MGLauncher, available from and Steam.

For a full breakdown of everything new in the Pilots Update, check out the patch notes.


Pilots are Robot operators that come with unique specializations and skill trees. You can level them up to enjoy bonuses to help get the edge in combat such as extra damage and defense, plus an Ultimate Ability!

When upgrading Pilots via Skill Trees, players can choose between different skill options at each level to create unique Pilot builds. The skills available depends on a Pilot’s Personality and Specialty, with different Pilots opening up to different playstyles.

The first Pilots to join the game are some of the finest mercs in the Wild Ten. Hail their callsigns and win the fight today in War Robots: Frontiers:

  • Kate "Sparrow" Sinclair: A mercenary from Eirene seeking to make her mark in the Wild Ten, Sparrow is equipped with skills focused on damage output and survivability in close-range combat.
  • Leonard "Monk" Fitzpatrick: Monk hails from a line of soldiers who died before their time, but he now seeks to carve a new destiny for himself. He’s equipped with skills that favor positional gameplay and long-range weapons.
  • Marcus "Dome" Shedd: Born to a closed-off planet and never allowed to explore, Marcus now lives for adventure in the Wild Ten. He’s equipped with skills suitable for either close- or mid-range builds.
  • Duncan "Thinkfast" Prasad: What Thinkfast lacks in brawn, he makes up for in near-unrivalled piloting skills in a Robot. Equipped with skills working in synergy with ability modules.

A recolored model of Monk has been used as a placeholder for both Dome and Thinkfast in this update. In future updates, every legendary Pilot will receive a unique model and voice lines.


Many changes have been made to speed up progression during Early Access. For instance, you can now quickly progress through account levels, more easily afford certain purchases, and unlock recently-added weapons and Robot parts much faster than before.


  • Introduced multiple improvements to the Hangar interface.
  • Added network ping indicators to player nicknames in the combat statistics window.
  • Added a speed counter and fuel level indicator to the back of Robot models.
  • Changed the orientation of the fuel level indicator in HUD to vertical and added threshold markers for Dash and Jump.
  • Added warning icon in Hangar to mark Robot builds that cannot be deployed in battle.
  • Updated descriptions for the Glacial and Singulators abilities.


Ready to enter the Wild Ten? Purchase a Pioneer Pack from or Steam to join the fight and play War Robots: Frontiers in Early Access. You can choose from four Packs, with each unlocking Early Access and exclusive bonus content:

  • Iron Pack: Contains Early Access and four (4) Orkans (Weapons).
  • Steel Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), and 300 WarpReals (in-game currency).
  • Titanium Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), Kate “Sparrow” Sinclair (Robot Pilot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), one (1) legendary-quality Robot Decal, one (1) Premium Battle Pass, 90 days of Premium Status, and 750 WarpReals (in-game currency).
  • Platinum Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), Kate “Sparrow” Sinclair (Robot Pilot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), one (1) legendary-quality Robot Decal, four (4) Premium Battle Passes, 1 year of Premium Status, and 1,250 WarpReals (in-game currency).

All players can access basic War Robots to play with in Early Access, regardless of the Pioneer Pack purchased. For more details about Pioneer Packs, check out our dedicated article.


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