Play for Free & Save 33% on Pioneer Packs!

To celebrate the anniversary of the War Robots franchise, you can enjoy War Robots: Frontiers for free for a limited time and save on Early Access once the free period is over.

Experience the world of War Robots: Frontiers for yourself, or invite friends to enjoy the full Early Access adventure this weekend. From April 21 (11:00 CEST) to April 24, everyone can play for free via MGLauncher or the Steam Demo Version.

If you decide you want to venture into the Wild Ten permanently, you can save 33% on Pioneer Packs which grant full Early Access to War Robots: Frontiers from April 21-26 via and Steam.

Any Pioneer Packs purchased with the 33% discount can be upgraded later, but the upgrade price may be adjusted based on the full price after the offer period has ended.

IMPORTANT: Any progress made during the free-to-play period from April 21 until April 24 will be carried over if you purchase the full Early Access experience.

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