War Robots: Frontiers - All You Need To Know

Ready to venture into the Wild Ten? We've gathered together a bunch of useful materials about War Robots: Frontiers in one place for your convenience! Check out this list to learn everything about the game’s development plans and principles.


War Robots: Frontiers is a third-person shooter with distinctive mechanics such as armor destructibility and damage fall-off. In our ongoing series of Development Spotlights, we explain how combat works and what we do to convey the feeling of being at the helm of a giant war Robot.


You can create your own Robot using building blocks like the chassis, torso, and shoulders. These Development Spotlights explain how building functions, and also cover our approach to player progression.


War Robots: Frontiers is set in a distant future where adventurous Pilots seek glory and fortune in the far reaches of space. The "Tales From The Wild Ten" series written by Patrick Kindlon and edited by Katie Memmott sets the stage for the future story of the game.


We build every map with a particular narrative and gameplay in mind. Baz, our Lead Level Designer, explained the process in detail in these Development Spotlights on the two available maps.


These machines are the star of the show and we give them the love they deserve with cinematic overviews on our official YouTube channel.


The game is currently available in Early Access and with each update, we get closer and closer to the full-scale release. This official roadmap will help you keep track of our development progress.


Finally, if you need detailed info on what has changed with each new update and which features were added to the game, we chronicle every addition and change in our extensive patch notes. These are the latest editions.

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