ELIMINATION Update (0.11) Patch Notes (March 2, 2023)

These are the patch notes for the War Robots: Frontiers build available following a period of maintenance on March 2, 2023. Update your game to the latest version and start playing in Early Access!


  • Added two new Robots:
    • Fenrir: Builds with Fenrir torsos can sacrifice half of their current durability to gain increased speed as well as “repair vampirism” that will restore both durability and armor for a percentage of damage dealt. 
    • Harpy: Its signature ability features a new mechanic, allowing your robot to ignite targets and deal damage over time following each successful hit. It also inflicts a burning area effect on the map that sets enemy robots on fire.
  • Added two new weapons:
    • Fowler: Shotguns that gain improved bullet spread when charged by holding down the ‘Fire’ button.
    • Lighter: Flamethrowers that inflict a burn effect on the target as well as the map in addition to dealing direct damage.
  • Added two new abilities:
    • Blast Wave: Flings enemy robots back from the target area while also dealing limited damage.
    • Dazzle: Disrupts the targeting systems of the enemy robot, making aiming impossible for your opponent for several seconds.


  • Updated contents of the Store and level rewards.
  • Added account levels up to Level 60. Level rewards above Level 50 contain item blueprints from this update.


  • The first iteration of Squads allows the formation of teams of up to six players by sharing Squad Codes. The player who creates the Squad can share the code outside of the game. Other players can join by entering the code in the Squad window on their end. A Squad can include players from different platforms. Find teammates and share your Squad Codes on the official War Robots: Frontiers Discord:


  • By default, the ping wheel can be activated by pressing the center mouse button (or mouse wheel). It contains a number of preset communication options for coordinating actions within teams.


  • In the combat-focused Elimination Mode, the team that has the most robots left by the end of the match wins. A match can end early if a team loses all its robots. Beacons serve as deployment areas but do not bring any victory points.


  • Updated translations in all available languages.
  • Alpha Robots have been renamed Titans for ease of reference. “Alpha” will be the name of the first Titan available to the player.
  • Updated action tips and descriptions in the Tutorial.
  • Increased Smart Ping visibility distance.
  • Improved accuracy for beacon pings.
  • Updated UI in Hangar and on the Matchmaking screen.
  • Replaced the Unequip option in Constructor with an empty slot selection for Chassis, Torso, Shoulders, Weapons, and Abilities.
  • Reduced kill camera duration from 10s to 5s.
  • Further reduced the performance toll of Instant Reload and Infinite Ammo abilities and their visual effects.


  • Added deployment protection when deploying in home areas. Robots under deployment protection will take significantly less damage. Additionally, in Beacon Rush, Robots will get a bonus to weapon damage for a short time following the home deployment. In Elimination, Robots will get a temporary bonus to movement speed. The bonus does not work when deploying on captured beacons. The deployment protection will make spawn raids a less viable tactic for the opposing teams.


  • Improved visuals on Crash Site, Mont, and Tutorial maps.
  • Added cooldown indication to the Drill structure on Mont.
  • Added visual feedback when hitting the Drill target areas on Mont.
  • Deployment on beacon “B” on Mont is no longer possible when the Drill is active. This will prevent players from losing Robots instantly upon deployment.


  • Fixed a number of walking animation bugs. More animation tweaks are scheduled for future updates.
  • Fixed Robots bouncing off of obstacles upon collision.
  • Applied a more advanced formula for calculating walk speed. The speed modifiers are now applied correctly between different chassis types.
  • Adjusted speed modifiers from map terrain. Robots now lose less speed when walking up a steep slope.
  • Adjusted flight dynamics. The new formula better conveys the feel of the size and weight of a Robot.
  • Adjusted central camera position and camera dynamics for a better field of view.
  • Rebalanced fuel consumption of jetpack moves. Robots now consume less fuel in the Jump phase.
  • Significantly improved horizontal controllability in the Flight phase.
  • The dynamics of a Dash now differ to a greater extent between chassis with different base speeds.


  • Railgun: Charge time reduced from 1.75s to 1s; damage reduced from 5,400 to 3,800 per shot.
  • Gozer: Maximum charge increased from 50 to 60 units; reload time reduced from 4s to 1.5s.
  • Shocktrain: Damage increased from 4,200 to 5,000 per shot.
  • Transfusion: Ability no longer reacts to Scatter projectiles.


  • Updated visual effects for the Flashback ability.
  • Added visual feedback when at full charge on Railgun weapons.
  • Added animations on Punisher weapons.
  • Added animations of torn wire on damaged Robots.


  • Added unique sounds for Titan steps.


  • Fixed Scatter not registering hits on the Drill target areas on Mont.
  • Fixed Vortex displaying fewer missiles than there are missile slots on the weapon model.
  • Fixed Robot outline flickering excessively in Hangar and during the match.
  • Fixed the Drill dealing damage through the floor on Mont.
  • Fixed the TAB scoreboard being available in the battle results window. If the scoreboard remains open at the end of the match, it will now automatically close as soon as the match concludes.
  • Fixed the issue preventing players from reconnecting into the match after a crash.
  • Fixed the issue preventing certain characters from being displayed in Tutorial descriptions in Turkish.
  • Fixed the last target not dropping when hit in Tutorial.
  • Fixed Sticky Sensor (Titan) sounds not playing on ability use.
  • Fixed Retribution (Ares) laser beams going off on each click of the mouse button, while ignoring the ability timers.
  • Fixed the ammo widget of the first spectated player remaining on the screen when switching to the next player in Spectator mode.
  • Fixed the scroll bar not following the selected pilot in the Pilot menu. Now the selected pilot will always remain on the screen.
  • Fixed Loki displaying incorrect damage indication colors after its decoy hologram is destroyed.
  • Fixed the issue allowing vision through Smoke Wall at certain angles. Now Smoke Wall obscures vision completely.
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