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Shoot to thrill in the Elimination update, now live in War Robots: Frontiers! Grab a Pioneer Pack to enter the fray in Early Access on PC via Steam and MGLauncher, available from and Steam.

If you haven’t got a Pioneer Pack, you can try out this update and the full War Robots: Frontiers Early Access experience in an upcoming Free Weekend. Stay tuned for more details to follow.


The namesake of the new update is the combat-focused Elimination Mode—a full-throttle fight to the end. The team that has the most Robots left by the end of the match wins!

You can learn more about the mode in the dedicated article here.


Add two new Robots to your Hangar armed with unique skills sure to set the battlefield alight:

  • Fenrir: Named after Odin’s bane, this Robot is just as deadly.Sacrifice half of Fenrir’s durability to gain increased speed and ferocity, and take advantage of its “repair vampirism” to restore both durability and armor for a percentage of damage dealt to enemies.
  • Harpy: A harpy is the mythological personification of storm winds, and this Robot rages just as fiercely. Set fire to your foes with Harpy’s signature ability to ignite targets and deal damage over time.


Boost your battle power with new weapons and abilities:


  • Fowler: Soup up these shotguns for improved bullet spread.
  • Lighter: Burn up your enemies with ferocious flame throwers.


  • Blast Wave: Fling foes back and deal damage.
  • Dazzle: Disrupt targeting systems and make aiming impossible for your opponent..


Rally six players to assemble a Squad by sharing Squad Codes for a whole new way to play. You can find teammates and share your Squad Codes on the official War Robots: Frontiers Discord.

Additionally, you can now communicate your every move with the Smart Ping system! Activate the ping wheel and coordinate your actions with your team, from attacking to defending to calling out enemies.


The Elimination update also comes well-equipped with QOL improvements, including:

  • Updated content and level rewards in the Store.
  • Updated translations in all available languages.
  • Alpha Robots have been renamed ‘Titans’. ‘Alpha’ will be the name of the first Titan available to the player.
  • Updated action tips and descriptions in the Tutorial.
  • Increased Smart Ping visibility distance.
  • Improved accuracy for beacon pings.
  • Updated UI in Hangar and on the Matchmaking screen.
  • Replaced the Unequip option in Constructor with an empty slot selection for Chassis, Torso, Shoulders, Weapons, and Abilities.
  • Reduced kill camera duration from 10s to 5s.
  • Further reduced the performance toll of Instant Reload and Infinite Ammo abilities and their visual effects.

Check out the patch notes for a full list of new features and changes in the Elimination Update!


Purchase a Pioneer Pack to join the fight and play War Robots: Frontiers in Early Access, available from and Steam

You can choose from four Packs, with each unlocking Early Access and exclusive bonus content:

  • Iron Pack: Contains Early Access and four (4) Orkans (Weapons).
  • Steel Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), and 300 WarpReals (in-game currency).
  • Titanium Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), Kate AKA Sparrow (Robot Pilot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), one (1) legendary-quality Robot Decal, one (1) Premium Battle Pass, 90 days of Premium Status, and 750 WarpReals (in-game currency).
  • Platinum Pack: Contains Early Access, Varangian (War Robot), Kate AKA Sparrow (Robot Pilot), four (4) Orkans (Weapons), one (1) legendary-quality Robot Decal, four (4) Premium Battle Passes, 1 year of Premium Status, and 1,250 WarpReals (in-game currency).

All players can access basic War Robots to play with in Early Access, regardless of the Pioneer Pack purchased. For more details about Pioneer Packs, check out our dedicated article.


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