Community Spotlight: October 2023

October brought spooky events and terrifying treats for the War Robots: Frontiers community. Check out what happened in October, and what’s to come in November!

Community Event Winners: October

Ghosts of Honor

Back in September, we asked you to join our official Discord and sign up for Ghosts of Honor, an event where earning Honor would score you Medals and Intel!

The Community really showed their fighting spirit, earning a combined 43 Medals and 33 Gold Medals over the course of the event.

Special shoutout to all the triple Gold Medal winners—DeliriumV01D, Kragerles, Robo4, HectorGamingYT, Zeroskillz, HyTakTTOLY4ULOCb, Mike_Hawkwind, and eXPECTATION!

Halloween Creative Contest

In September, we asked you to submit your scariest Halloween costumes, artwork, and jack-o'-lanterns for prizes, and here are the spooky winners!

Light Buster



Treat or Treat

We hope you were able to pick up all your treats over Halloween when we shared promo codes across social media with the chance to find a bunch of in-game resources including Alloys, Credits, and Intel. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Instagram for more chances to win in the future! 

Community Content 

Our Pilots are second to none when it comes to creativity, so we’re putting the spotlight on some of the best from October!

Community Collaboration Music Video

ĐɆ₴₮ⱤØɎɆⱤ led the charge again, compiling your best clips to make a new music video.

Amazing Ares

Kragerles created an amazing version of Ares using Trailmakers!

How I Won The Lace's League (Tips & Tricks)

HectorGamingYT shared his strategies for maximizing kills that led him to win our summer event, Lace's League.

Development Insights

We regularly share some of the concepts and tweaks we are working on via our Discord, to give 

players a sneak peek into the development process. Here are a few of the things we shared in October:

New Tutorial and Damage Model

Our devs have been hard at work! Check out the new Tutorial, Damage Model, and Training Mode.

Customization Feedback

We’re working on implementing paint jobs that allow you to customize the look of your Robot. Each part of the Robot can be customized to your liking, but we want your feedback on this feature. 

  • Do you prefer that weapons inherit the paint job from the torso or that they can be customized independently from any other parts?
  • Do you prefer colorful or more military-looking paint jobs? 

Let us know on Discord in the Dev Insights Channel.

New Game Mode (Work in Progress)

We'll share more details soon, but we thought you'd like a glimpse of the new game mode — Team Deathmatch!

November Community Events

We'll be sharing details regarding new Community events for November soon, so stay tuned!

Every Friday throughout November: Community Play Sessions

Remember to join our weekly Discord Community Play Sessions held on Discord at 17:00 UTC every Friday (times may vary). Drop in, say hi, and ask some questions! 

Be sure to join our Discord to see all of these updates first. Thanks for playing, Pilots!

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