Community Spotlight: September 2023

September was a super month for the War Robots: Frontiers community, with a Free Week, Play of the Month contest, and much more. Check out what happened in September, and get a sneak peek of what’s to come in October.

Play Of The Month Winners: September

Back in September, we asked you to show us your skills and compete for Play of the Month, and we received your video clips of your best plays, trick shots, and clutch moments! 

We selected the top three, who each won a full Robot build of their choice! Check out the victors below:


[乃☬刀り] T1-DROLF


Free Week Summary 

Last week we played host to new players in War Robots: Frontiers with a Free Week! We saw awesome support from the community, and want to say thank you for playing. We hope you all managed to complete 25 games and grab a few sweet rewards!

A big welcome to all the new players who won Early Access during the Free Week—make sure to check out our Discord and join the community where you can find your dream Squad, participate in Q&As, and enjoy regular community events and contests. 

Community Content 

We love seeing how creative our Pilots are, and we want to shine a light on some of the best from September!

Legendary Lego Builds

S15 has amazed with a new Lego build! Named ‘Osprey’, this Robot can remove its shoulders and legs like a Frontiers bot. 

Let us know your ideas for a distinctive ability for Osprey over on Discord or reach out to S15. Great work!

Get a load of this cool new Harpy Lego build from zaito below!

A New Beginning

ĐɆ₴₮ⱤØɎɆⱤ created an awesome music video called ‘A New Beginning’ to thank Community Managers and devs for their support of the game! Check it out below:

Development Insights

We regularly share some of the concepts and tweaks we are working on via our Discord, to give players a sneak peek into the development process. Here are a few of the things we shared in September:

Update on Robot Weathering Effects

We received some suggestions about the Robot weathering effects we shared a few weeks ago, and if were asked if they would be dynamic based on Map weather. We can confirm that is indeed the plan for this concept! 

Here's a small example of how it might look. As the battle progresses, the elements start to take effect on your Robots and build up over time.

Sound Changes

We want weapon sounds to be as distinct as possible so that players can easily identify weapons in combat just by their sound effects. Here's an example of some of the updates we’re currently working on. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Mont's New Look

We are currently redesigning the Mont Drill into a ‘press’. We believe this better corresponds to the gameplay mechanics, as it simply falls on Robots and crushes them!

As a bonus, you can also see some of the snowy Map weathering effects we are also working on in this shot.

New Concept for the Home Screen

Here's our new concept for the home screen: showing off your Hangar, Robots, Pilots (with animations), improved lighting, and camera angles.

Crash Site Concept Art

We’re excited to share the latest concept art for Crash Site. We believe it places much more emphasis on natural changes in altitude and landscape details, which greatly enhances the perception of the Robot's size.

October Community Events

Don’t miss out on our spooktacular October community events!

October 6: Developer Q&A Play Session

Join us for our next Developer Q&A Play Session on October 6, help us shape the game, provide your feedback, and test your gameplay skills against our team! 

October 10-31: Ghost of Honor

Join the Discord and sign up for Ghosts of Honor! 

Earn Medals and Intel: Earn one Medal per week (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) by earning Honor throughout the event. Each Medal also rewards you with additional resources for your achievements!

  • Gold Medal: Earn 5,000 Honor - Receive 300 Intel
  • Silver Medal: Earn 3,000 Honor - Receive 200 Intel
  • Bronze Medal: Earn 2,000 Honor - Receive 100 Intel

October 25-31: Halloween Creative Contest

Are you the ghost with the most? Share your Halloween creativity and win prizes!

Submit your Halloween costumes, spooky artwork (excluding AI art), and carved pumpkins via Discord. Bonus points if your submission is War Robots-themed! 

The best and oogie-boogiest will be voted for by your fellow Pilots, and the grand prize winner will receive a full Robot build of their choice (any LVL 1 Chassis, Legs, Shoulders).

October 25-31: Treat or Treat

Keep your eye (of newt) on social media for Trick or Treat goodies! Promo codes for in-game resources will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Instagram, and can be redeemed here.

Note: All prizes from Community Events earned will be retained throughout Early Access, but are subject to progress wipes once we enter Open Beta.

Every Friday throughout October: Community Play Sessions

Remember to join our weekly Discord Community Play Sessions held on Discord at 17:00 UTC every Friday (times may vary). Drop in, say hi, and ask some questions! Special thanks to PUGGIE TWITCH, who regularly streams our Community Play Sessions. Be sure to check out his VODs and stream if you can’t join.

Be sure to join our Discord to see all of these updates first. Thanks for playing, Pilots!

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