Robot Overview: Try Out Fenrir During Free Week!

Break the chains and unleash Fenrir, a Robot with a predatory battle instinct. Named for the monstrous wolf of Ragnarok destined to destroy Odin, it’s a heavily-armored scrapper that more than lives up to its legendary name.

Like any true predator, Fenrir can close gaps to exact devastating melee attacks. Additionally, every successive hit it lands feeds its hull and armor repairs. It lacks speed and loses durability when its ability comes into play, but Fenrir’s attack power never leaves a Pilot wanting.

For a full breakdown of Fenrir’s capabilities, watch the latest Robot Overview video. New to War Robots: Frontiers? Test pilot this Robot for yourself by playing for free for a limited time! Send Fenrir howling into action during the Free Week, live between now and July 18.

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