OVERDRIVE Update (0.11.1) Patch Notes (April 6, 2023)

These are the patch notes for the War Robots: Frontiers build available following a period of maintenance on April 6, 2023. Update your game to the latest version and start playing in Early Access!


  • Added a new Robot:
    • Siren: This Robot uses its signature ability to take off, hover in the air, and launch a cryogenic missile that applies Freeze to the target. A frozen target can use its weapons and abilities, but cannot move, including turning around. If a target is hit by Siren’s missile while in the air, it will lose momentum and fall to the ground.
  • Added a new Titan:
    • Matriarch: A support Titan that specializes in protecting its allies, Matriarch comes equipped with two shotgun-type weapons, and features outstanding durability, However, this Titan suffers from low movement speed. Check out its three built-in abilities:
      • Nanite Field: Deploy a field of nanorobots that give a boost to all friendly targets within range, increasing their movement speed, overall mobility, and durability regeneration rate.
      • Singulators: Unleash several drones in sequence. The drones hover over the Titan and take down enemy projectiles within their range of effect. The drones move vertically, offering increased protection from enemies on higher ground.
      • Swarm: Emit a swarm of drones that follow the Titan’s movements. All enemies within the swarm take periodic AoE damage and suffer from a decreased rate of fire and accuracy.
  • Added two new weapons:
    • Quantum: Fires a shell that splits up into a cluster of smaller shells after traveling for some time. The first shell deals high damage to a single target, and the second phase shells deal AoE damage.
    • Sticky Gun: Throws quiet sticky bombs for a somewhat stealthy attack. The bombs attach to Robots and hard surfaces on the map and detonate after a short delay, dealing AoE damage.
  • Added two new abilities:
    • Counterattack: Allows the Robot to reflect a portion of incoming damage back at the attacker. The reflected damage will be directed at the nearest piece of the enemy armor. Requires charging.
    • Ghost Turret: The Robot throws a detachable turret that sticks to the ground or walls. The turret will fully deploy after a short time and start firing at enemy targets within its range. The turret cannot be targeted, but it has a limited lifespan and will deactivate after some time.


  • Updated contents of the Store and level rewards.
  • Added account levels up to Level 65. Level rewards above Level 60 contain item blueprints from this update.
  • Increased the Credits cost of all Ability Modules in the Shop.


  • The first iteration of Upgrades includes upgrade levels from 1 to 5 for Robot parts, weapons, and ability modules. Item stats increase linearly. Certain stats (e.g. movement speed on Robot chassis) will not increase in this version of Upgrades. We invite you to try out the feature and leave your feedback on Discord:


  • Added more info to Robot part descriptions.
  • Added new hangar management options in the Constructor window. “Upgrade” and “Change” buttons will now display next to the selected Robot part.
  • Updated the incoming damage indication in the battle HUD. The indication will now change depending on the amount of received damage.
  • The info overlay on “F1” now contains details about equipped weapons.
  • Changed the default button for switching the Central Camera from “ALT” to “Z”.


  • AI Robots now have access to certain abilities: Blink, Deadlight, Electronic Warfare, Emergency Shield, Energy Shield, Force Screen, Fuel Reserve, Healing Drone, Homing Missile, Increase Damage, Nanite Field, Napalm, Orbital Strike, Rainfall, Regenerate Segment, Retribution, Round Table, Speed Boost, Stealth, Transfusion, Turbo Boost, and Unchained.


  • Updated trees on the Crash Site map.
  • Updated model and textures of the Alpha Titan.
  • Removed shadows from info banners in the Tutorial.
  • Added animations for Healing Drone on Tyr.
  • Added animations for Electronic Warfare on Griffin.
  • Updated the Electronic Warfare icon on Griffin.
  • Updated visuals for Battle HUD.


  • Updated sounds for the Drill on the Mont map.
  • Updated launch and explosion sounds for Smoke Wall.
  • Added sounds to Main Menu UI and Constructor.


  • Adjusted damage bonus when multiple Gozers are equipped.
  • Energy shields are no longer indestructible. They now have a pool of Durability which depletes as the shield absorbs damage.
  • Non-chargeable abilities now have a limit on how many times they can be used within one battle.
  • Revamped stats for multiple items.


  • Fixed passability issues on both the Crash Site and Mont maps.
  • Fixed issue preventing Rainfall from being used at a long distance.
  • Fixed incoming damage indicator remaining blue despite energy shields being already depleted.
  • Fixed news text displaying incorrectly when selecting a square aspect ratio.
  • Fixed the issue allowing the ‘About Game’ window to be opened from the Shop.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the selected pilot from being removed after clicking “Cancel Changes” in Constructor.
  • Fixed digit displacement on the Drill structure on the Mont map when the countdown is below ten.
  • Tuned down the outline flicker in Constructor and in Battle.
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